Martin Konvička

the secret to a dream figure and a pain-free back

methods and techniques that will give you a nice figure and painless movement

Do you want to work out in a private gym under the supervision of an expert?


In that case, try private or semi-private training FeelWell Fitness at Ondřejova 13, Olomouc.

Private training sessions
  • Training setup just for you
  • Recording of progress
  • Maximum attention and comprehensive care from the coach (Possibility of training plans and diets, psychological support)
  • You choose the training dates
Semi-private training sessions
  • Exercise in groups of 2-5 people. More people, but not too many, in order to keep the individual approach of the coach.
  • Healthy competitive atmosphere
  • Fixed dates of exercises
  • Opportunity to meet people with the same interests and goals
  • Suitable for those who are experienced with exercise.

what do my clients say about me?

Recenze  - 2

We have been working with Martin for almost a year. I go to semi-private training twice a week.

My goal was to firm up my physique and get stronger overall to be ready for the rigors of running, which I did.

The main advantage is that I am in control the whole time, and I know that I am training correctly.

I would recommend the workouts because they are effective. I always feel what has been trained.

I have been training with Marta (with a pregnancy break) for over 2 years. Our first efforts, consisting of exercise and adjusted diet, resulted in 12kg weight loss, a firmer figure and an end to back pain.

After another "pregnant" period, when I had put some weight on again, I approached him to get me in "shape".

I would recommend these workouts to anyone who wants to change something about themselves. Marta is the right trainer for the job.

Exercising with Martin is great and I really enjoy it. I had huge problems with my spine in the past - 2 disc dislocations.

In the time we have been working out together, I can feel my muscles firming up and I feel much better overall.

The great thing about Martin is that he is empathetic, he respects my pace and always tailors the exercises to my needs.

I definitely recommend it. Go for it with him!

Who is behind this project?

Mgr. Martin Konvička is a graduate of FTK UP in Olomouc. After working as a teacher, he started working as a personal and sports trainer.

He has been helping people with body shaping and back pain relief for 7 years. In that time he has helped dozens of clients lose weight, reduce or eliminate back pain.

Martin is continuously educating himself through books, articles and specialised courses.



  • 2011 Major in Physical Education and Sport at the Faculty of Physical Education UP Olomouc
  • 2016 Mgr. Applied Physical Education at the Faculty of Physical Education, UP Olomouc
    • At University I learned the necessary basics of anatomy, physiology, psychology and sports training.
  • 2017 certificate in Sports and Recreational Massage Therapist
    • Acquired techniques for body relaxation and relaxation.
  • 2019 Speed and explosiveness training - MARTIN ITERSKÝ
    • From it I use the methods for the development of sports and recreational skills (skiing, running, cycling...)
  • 2019 Physiotherapy in sport - MOBILE PHYSIOTHERAPY
    • I use the this knowledge to diagnose and correct movement patterns.
  • 2020 Developmental Kinesiology- 3DFA
    • Eyes opening course to practicing basic movements based on the learning of the motoric skills of young children.
  • 2021 Course of basic and advanced kettlebell exercises - GIRJA BRNO
    • Using kettlebells to strengthen my the body, developing balance and shoulder stability. In addition, the Turkish lift is the king of exercises.
  • 2022 Big dumbbell course - GIRJA BRNO
    • Lifting the heaviest weights on the big axle. The best way to increase strength.
  • 2022 Course oxygen advantage – GIRJA BRNO
    • Breathing inherently belongs to exercise. It makes you more balanced, more focused and thus stronger.
  •  2022 Complete movement training - CORETRAINING
    • Warm-up is the most important part of training for injury prevention and performance enhancement.
  • 2023 Comprehensive diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system - CORETRAINING
    • A customized training be designed only after a detailed diagnosis.
  • 2023 Therapeutic movement and excercise (Ben Cormack) –  CORETRAINING
    • The latest techniques and methods for eliminating back pain.